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SuviCa, Inc. is focused on the discovery and development of small molecules for the treatment of cancer.

Founded in 2010, Suvica, Inc. is focused on the discovery and development of small molecule cancer therapeutics targeting a unique mechanism of action. SuviCa identifies potential candidates through SuviScreenTM  (see Our Technology).


Currently, SuviCa has two small molecule protein synthesis inhibitors in pre-clinical development.



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Our Technology

Current cancer therapeutics consist mostly of DNA damaging agents, nucleotide analogs, topoisomerase inhibitors, microtubule poisons, and targeted agents such as kinase inhibitors. Frequently, mono-therapy with these agents does not provide sufficient benefit or patients may develop resistance over time, therefore combination regimens are needed. SuviCa’s compounds target an under-exploited cellular mechanism that is critical for cancer re-growth after treatment with these standard cancer therapies, providing opportunities for new treatment combinations.

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